Artificial societies have no alpha.Everybody is acting.Everybody is beta.Beta men compete to be a conscious alpha.Obviously women compete to be a subconscious alpha.A true alpha is consciously and subconsciously alpha.A true alpha is consciously and subconsciously beta.Beta men care too much.A true alpha can read emotions like a woman.Beta men cannot read their emotions.Beta men cannot read others emotions.Women can read beta men subconsciously.Subconscious feelings are true feelings.Conscious language is logic.Logic does not always match feelings.Beta men are arrogant assholes.Beta men think it makes them look alpha.Everybody lives within equalness:Obviously going to the gym is extremely beta.Obviously beta men are afraid to look weak.A true alpha doesn’t give a fuck.Obviously boasting is extremely beta.Obviously begging women is extremely beta.Obviously physical violence is extremely beta.(Obviously beta men care too much)Obviously underdeveloped people overreact:Underdeveloped people have been through nothing.A developed person has been through mental hell.All beta men are underdeveloped:Underdeveloped people cry over women. - FAVICON - CONVERT TO EDITABLE SHAPES - SPELL CHECK AI is everywhere. AI is everywhere